God Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health

god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health

even game modes. The key is to max the red orbs per kill. Submitted by: sam_816 on Apr 11, 2005 Verified by: prateekkashyap1071, nome34 the truth about secret message 2 destroy both the statues in the throne room at mt olympus for secret message 2 its really just kratos talking and. Notice that no matter how many Minotaurs you kill, they will keep god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health respawning. Minotaur Orbs, stabbing a Minotaur through the face will yeild you about 10 or so red orbs and one green orb. You don't need to though, since I am giving you the secret: It is a phone number to "call" Cratos. This game also based on Greek mythology and set in Ancient Greece. Keep the beasts away from you with the electricity. When you get onto the ledge, do the high jump I just explained again until you leap over the doorway. Dairy Bastard Comstume, use the medusa's head/gaze move that freezes all enemies (harpies) on the screen. Keep some saved for the weapons that you will unlock later in the game. In about two hours in God Mode, I got about 15,000 red orbs. In fact, if you stay in the corner, the enemy barely makes any offensive attacks, they only respond to your hits. The gameplay is very similar to the previous installment, and focuses on combo-based combat. At the exit door, double jump, use your electricity at the highest point. Submitted by: Sayyed on Dec 22, 2005 Verified by: naxinaabe, viney verma. Submitted by: Subzer0 on Jun 13, 2006 Verified by: tombrulz Heroic Possibilities Unlock heroic possibilities by beating the game once under any difficulty setting. When you go to find the two shields for the sculpture, go back into the room with the broken off stairs.

God Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health - God of

Then, enter the Temple Of The Oracle. Submitted by: Braden on Feb 14, 2007 Verified by:, chukwuebukalanceliot Untouchable This is more of a tip than a cheat, and for those of us whom don't mind fighting like a coward. If you run out of magic, refill with the box. Even when the battles aren't very difficult, you can almost always trace your steps back until you find the enemies cut off point from following you, then they'll just stand there and wait for you. Keep using Gorgon Flash. Note: Some of them are hidden behind breakaway walls. Contributed By: Hardkoroff 3 1 « See More or, submit Your Own! Then complete that circle but stay and kill a few more centaurs until you stop getting orbs. Fighting the Minotaur, when fighting the Minotaur, almost all his moves can be blocked with the block god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health button. On the other side, there will be a tower with a harpie and a ladder next to t the harpie between you and the ladder, and kill it with Plume of Prometheus(square, square, triangle). These 2 cheats can be found on m if you need visual instruction. Submitted by: TazzleRazzleDazzle on Mar 26, 2005 Verified by: Warsun Dairy Bastard Costume To unlock the Dairy Bastard costume, complete the God of War Challenges.
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  • This will take a lot of time. Example: When you fight all those dog things and that giant monster on the roof god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health of the building in "The Architect's Tomb you can hit the enemy through the door, but because of the programming of the game.
  • A Secret Revealed Successfully complete God mode. Just stab him once with his leg and let him hit you off.
  • god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health
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God Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health - Mod Apk.0.4

In this articles, we will discuss about. (Not sure what is it for though)! As soon as your electric charge runs out double tap X (This gives you a slightly higher jump). It is also sometimes necessary to hold down the block button until you find an opening for attack. Submitted by: Braden on Mar 25, 2007 Verified by: DarshD. The letters on that screen will turn purple if done correctly. Keep freezing then breaking them to get unlimited orbs.
  1. God of, war 2, pS2 cheats along with its codes, secrets, guide and walkthrough to unlock new costumes, weapons and game modes. Copyright GamerID Network LLC.
  2. You can use as much magic as desired. 2 or 3 Posidion's Rage. God of, war, iI's working title was known. Additionally, the combo chest will refill endlessly (takes a couple of minutes after opening to refill).
  3. Submitted by: MasterMatt1228 on Jul 12, 2006 Verified by: poeng789, zarun1980. Eventually they modding Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 will break, giving you a puzzle of a group of numbers.
  4. Go up, get across the narrow boards, and pull the lever. Destroyed both of the statues and you will have a secret message. After you hit the giant minatour pull the switch again quickly and you will do double damage!
god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health

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God of, war 2 along with other complete codes, bonus and secret for PlayStation 2 game console. For, god of, war II on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 18 cheat codes and secrets. God of, war.

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I discovered that in almost any given battle scene, there will be a spot from god Of War 2 Ps2 Cheats Unlimited Health which you can hit the enemy and they can't hit you. When the vase falls off the night stand you will get some orbs. The left statue is placed in the right hole, and the right statue goes in the left hole. God of, war series. Unlock the Dairy Bastard costume.

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